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Leiden, The Netherlands - The key to a successful vinyl graphics application is not just the optimal combination of substrate and print or conversion. Ultimately, it is the quality of the application process itself that determines the final effect. Avery Dennison Graphics & Reflective Products have, for some years, offered professional graphics applicators the opportunity to use a selection of tools specially designed to give good results with the application -- and removal -- of Avery Graphics films. Now they are bringing together a full 'toolbox' of items to complement their already established Avery Squeegee Pro, and their popular cutting knife, application gloves, and surface preparation spray.


From Avery Graphics distributors

Avery Tools will now be available ex stock from Avery Graphics distributors throughout Europe. Developed by professional applicators for professional applicators, and tested and qualified by Avery Graphics experts, Avery Tools are, says Avery Dennison, complementary to all vinyl graphics applications, whether computer signcut, digitally printed, or screen printed. Indeed, Avery Dennison is so confident that Avery Tools can actually add an extra dimension to the application of Avery Graphics films that they are now used in all the company's intensive training programs, workshops, and customer demonstrations.


New professional tools

The Avery Tools range now features additional new products to support graphics application teams. Heavyweight Avery Magnets with a strong 'pull' can replace application tape for positioning and holding graphics. The new Avery Laser Temp thermometer is a valuable aid to successful applications. The useful little Avery Snitty mini-slitting tool (which has been a very successful Avery Graphics 'giveaway'); a new professional-quality Avery Application Knife with a specially-contoured metal handle and the 30°-angled blade that is a feature of the current Avery knives; and a specially-designed Avery Toolbelt are also new to the range. They complement the Avery Squeegee Pro, Surface Cleaner and Application Gloves -- items already available via Avery Graphics distributors.


Branded products

Avery Graphics plan to add more products to the toolbox over time; and all products in the Avery Tools range will be Avery-branded to guarantee authenticity and performance.

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